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Really Zaans

Chocolate factory De Euforij brings chocolate making back to the Zaan region. Together with suppliers, craftsmen, machines and ingredients from the region, we are working on a "wonderfully beautiful" product: real Zaanse chocolate that makes you happy.

We make chocolate based on old, proven recipes; when cocoa was still the most important ingredient for chocolate. In this way we seduce the consumer with the full and honest taste of the past. From a sustainable and economic point of view, the chocolate is made for and by Zaankanters. For example, we use the knowledge and experience with cocoa and chocolate available here.

Made with love

Our chocolate makers are passionate about chocolatethe. Senior chocolate maker Jaap has extensive experience in making chocolate. And our chocolate maker Breth has a nose for delicious new flavors. This is how the best of young and old come together in our Zaanse chocolate.

De Euforij's Zaanse chocolate is available in four delicious flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate 55%, dark chocolate 65% and dark chocolate 80%. Based on traditional recipes. And if chocolate maker Jaap gets goosebumps during the tasting, it is approved. The chocolate from our factory contains only the best ingredients and has a UTZ quality mark.

Selling points

Enjoy our Zaanse chocolate? The Zaanse chocolate bars in gift packaging (showcases) are available at delicatessens, specialty shops and a tourist attraction such as Zaanse Schans. The now popular Zaanse Brokkenmakers are also for sale here. Milk or dark chocolate in hazelnut or with a Rocky Road filling.


In the chocolate factory we make tasty and good chocolate with attention to nature, the environment and people. From the people who grow the cocoa to the suppliers De Euforij works with. That is of paramount importance to us.

De Euforij considers sustainable production important. We are often asked why we do not produce from the bean. We would like to explain that: the basis for chocolate is made in the cocoa factories along the Zaan river; cocoa mass, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. We start the production process from the semi-finished products. In this way, we minimize the emissions from our factory and we produce little to no waste. The production of chocolate in the region thus automatically becomes "from bean to chocolate".


De Zaan has traditionally been a "river of chocolate". Also called "Cocoa River" by people abroad. The history of the region is topped with cocoa and chocolate. It is not without reason that the Zaan region is still called "the pantry of the Netherlands".

World players such as Grootes Cacao and Chocolaad, Pette (later Boon Cacao) and of course Verkade were all located in this region. Their influence on employment was enormous. Other Zaan companies such as machine factories, packaging industries and other suppliers flourished through the cocoa and chocolate factories. Nevertheless, a change in Zaan production and trade followed. The vacant factory buildings along the Zaan are silent witnesses of the production that has been moved abroad. The region was in danger of losing its knowledge and craft, with the result that no industrial company was producing chocolate anymore. Fortunately, De Euforij is changing that by bringing the craft of chocolate making back to the Zaan region.

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